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Research: Private Label gaining share in 80% of categories, says Barclay's report

Private label is gaining share in 80% of grocery categories, new research by Barclays has revealed, with store brands seeing the most momentum in the Drinking Yoghurt, Detergent and Ice Cream categories in the EU, and the Disinfectant and Water categories in the US.

Barclays' research, Food/HPC Private Label: "There is no stopping", which tracks private-label gains and losses across 46 grocery categories, found that store brands were gaining share in 37 of these categories.

Categories in which private-label is not gaining share include Sparkling Water, Shampoo, Skincare, Milk, Cosmetics, Skin Cleansing, Soap, Cough & Cold, and Baby Milk.

Food And Non-Food

In terms of food, private label is gaining the most share at a European level in Yogurt (up 456 basis points), Ice cream (up 402 bps), Sauces (up 230 bps) and Mayonnaise (up 195 bps).

The household and personal care category tells a different story, however. At a European level, while private label 'was gaining share at our last check, interestingly we notice that there has been a slight reversal, with brands fighting back in some categories', according to Barclays.

In Baby Diapers (up 356 bps), Detergent (up 277 bps), Sanitary Protection (up 224bps) and Dishwashing (up 215 bps), private label continues to post strong gains, but it is losing share in Skin Care (down 25 bps) and Cosmetics (down 9 bps), Barclays data showed.

Source: ESM

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