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Belgium: Lidl is testing a brand new store concept

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Belgium (owned by German Schwarz Gruppe) presents a new store concept in Lokeren with a completely new layout and decoration. For the time being it is a first test.

Lidl changes its traditional shopping route. In the new store concept, customers walk through different "food worlds" that quickly take them to a fresh lunch or a fresh evening meal and provide inspiration. A special corner with recipes from "De Keuken van Lidl" (translated The kitchen of Lidl) should inspire the customer in terms of dishes. In another corner you will find a fresh orange press and a cooled furniture with simple and fast salads, ultra-fresh meals and smoothies.

New decoration

In the dining world you will of course also find the fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as the fresh meat, poultry and the veggie and vegan products. Then you walk on to the breakfast world with a more extensive fresh bakery and a healthy nut corner. All frozen products and non-food can be found at the checkout at the back of the store. Six self-scan checkouts make it easy for customers with little time to pay for a limited amount of items quickly. The decoration of the store is also completely new. Wooden furniture gives the store a warm but light atmosphere, which makes it extra pleasant not only for the customer, but also for the employees.

Shop quickly

With the new concept, Lidl wants to meet the expectations of the Belgian consumer even better: offering fresh food at competitive prices that we can find easily and quickly. “We have noticed that shoppers have been in a hurry in recent years and do not always feel like spending a lot of time on the necessary shopping. Still they want to eat fresh and healthy food. With this new test concept we want to make shopping efficient but pleasant and above all inspire our shoppers about what is on their plate ”, says Isabelle Colbrandt, spokesperson for Lidl Belgium. “For the time being there are no plans to expand the store concept further to other stores. We want to test it first and measure the experiences of shoppers and employees. ”

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