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Poland: Biedronka shortens the deadline for settlements with suppliers to 21 days

Updated: May 27, 2020

Polish Discount Retail Chain Biedronka (part of the Portuguese Jeronimo Martins) shortens payment terms to 21 instead of 30 days. From June 1 it will apply to over 60 leading Polish producers of fruit and vegetables, whose combined - not only with Biedronka - annual turnover in 2019 did not exceed $24 million. By introducing new payment rules for the fruit and vegetables category, Biedronka wants to improve the producers' cashflow and business relation by shortening payment deadlines to maintain smooth and stable production. Biedronka is one of the largest food distributors in Poland, in particular fresh fruit and vegetables and Polish discount marketleader. Only in 2019, it sold almost 120 million kgs of potatoes, 110 million kgs of tomatoes and almost 90 million kgs of apples in over 3,000 Polish discount outlets, the vast majority of which came from Polish producers.

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