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Bolivia: Mexican discounter Tiendas 3B kicks off in Bolivia

Discount Retail Chain Tiendas 3B, owned by Anthony Hatoum and PE Group Quilvest Capital Partners, was launched in the capital of Santa Cruz, a sales channel that promises to supply its customers with the best amenities and products at the price of a popular market.

Grocery discounter Tiendas 3B was born in the capital of Santa Cruz, made its official launch on Tuesday on the occasion of opening its seventh store. In a festive atmosphere, its executives presented this new sales channel, which by the end of the year expects to have 20 stores in operation in Santa Cruz.

Tiendas 3B offers consumers the opportunity to do their daily shopping in a chain that has all the comforts and conditions of a supermarket at the same price as in a popular market and with the proximity of a neighbourhood sale. Its environments are characterized by their neatness, cleanliness, order, good service and electronic invoicing.

"Nowadays, if people want to save they have to go to a market and if they want to buy nearby, they have to be willing to pay more. This new business model integrates the best of each sales channel currently available. We guarantee the same affordable prices of the markets and we are close, like a neighbourhood store, with a wider assortment. At the same time, we offer order, cleanliness, quality of service and sales with an invoice, being able to pay the customer with cash, QR, debit or credit card," explains Juan José Landívar, general manager of Tiendas 3B.

"For this reason, Tiendas 3B becomes the best option for consumers, whether they need to stock their home or make an express purchase, since we have an adequate assortment to make a smart purchase: groceries, personal care, cleaning products, beverages, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, bakery, among others," says Landívar.

The executive explained that these attributes are relevant for Tiendas 3B, given that, according to a study commissioned by the company, more than 60% of people buy in traditional markets by price and about 25% in neighborhood stores by proximity.

Alfonso Kreidler, executive president of Tiendas 3B, referred to the venture. "Everything comes from trips abroad by several of us who are members of Tiendas 3B. We saw this model in Europe, but very closely in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador. So we thought that, if in countries similar to ours this channel is so relevant, it had to be able to be done in Bolivia. We realized that we had to have a very powerful assortment of products, all those that are needed for the home, with a very relevant theme that we identified: everything at the same market price. We work on a model that is as efficient as possible, a mega-efficient model for the supplier, as well as for us. And what we do isn't magic, it's actually being efficient and translating all those savings into price," he said.

Kreidler explained that they hope to grow and be in other departments in 2024. Tiendas 3B has all the advantages and features offered by any supermarket, with products at cheaper prices.


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