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Bulgaria: T MARKET is growing along the Black Sea coast

Discount Retail Chain T MARKET (owned by the Lithuanian MAXIMA GRUPE) has been present on the Bulgarian market since 2005, and in 16 years has managed to become one of the leading food chains in Bulgaria. Every year the company's network of stores is growing rapidly, and with it the number of jobs created in the country. Currently, the company employs over 2,300 employees, making T MARKET one of the largest employers in Bulgaria.

The discounter chain is part of the Lithuanian MAXIMA GRUPE, which is a leader in the trade of fast moving consumer goods in the Baltics. The newest store of T MARKET in Byala, Varna opened its doors. This is the 91st store of the company in the country and the 46th city in which it is located. It is located at 29 Bregova Street. For customers on the opening day, the company has provided various gifts and surprises, and special offers will continue throughout the summer season. Among them you will find everything you need for the beach, culinary temptations, bargain alcohol and non-alcoholic offers and a wide variety of seasonal assortment.

"With each new facility, we reach even more people, enter their homes and facilitate their market. And here we do not betray our style, namely - we are the practical choice for everyone. We also contribute to the development of the city and the region. The newly appointed colleagues are 15 and they join a team of over 2,300 people. I believe that together we will turn this T MARKET into a favorite place for shopping!”, said Petar Pavlov, General Director of the T MARKET retail chain.

The new supermarket offers its customers some of the lowest prices on the market and numerous promo offers in various categories, and the rich variety of brands and quality goods is guaranteed. And in this site you can try traditional Bulgarian dishes from the warm showcase of T MARKET, fresh salads and grilled products. They are prepared in the chain's own workshop, under the watchful eye and professionalism of master chefs. You will also find a confectionery stand, fresh chilled fish and seafood delicacies, an area for fruits and vegetables, a sector with non-food items and last but not least, fresh Bulgarian meat. The bread bar offers a wide range of pastries baked on site. Customers can choose from a wide range of Bulgarian and imported alcohol and soft drinks. And for lovers of healthy food there is a special stand, where you can also find diet foods, vegan products and gluten-free ones.

T MARKET works hard to reduce its environmental footprint by pursuing sustainable development goals. Over the past few years, the company has taken significant steps to improve the environment in which it operates. All vows of the circuit are powered entirely by green energy.

All sites of T MARKET on the Black Sea coast work every day, without interruption, from 08:00 to 23:00 for greater customer convenience. By the end of the summer, the company plans to open its doors in Sozopol and Kavarna.

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