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Colombia: Results Tiendas ARA FY 2021

Discount Retail Chain Tiendas ARA (owned by Jerónimo Martins Colombia) competes in the Hard discount grocery format sector, with Tiendas D1 and Justo & Bueno. According to the preliminary results report presented in recent days by this Portuguese multinational, Ara's sales in our country reached 1,102 million euros (US$1.25 billion) the previous year, with a growth of 29% and 36% in local currency, which allows estimate that sales in Colombia stood at $5.3 billion.

The excellent results of the year were leveraged especially by the recovery of household consumption, especially in the second half, food inflation that stood at 15.4% in the last quarter and the opening of 156 more stores to end with 819 stores.

On the other hand, the brand's sales area grew by 24.4% in the national territory, going from 223,818 m2 to 278,547 m2 the previous year, which determines monthly sales of $1,602,599 per m2. In 2021, the company, in its report, says it has strengthened its position as an ally of Colombian families and, in a very difficult context, displayed the best combination of quality and price.

In his opinion, the effort was rewarded by consumers, with a notable increase in sales. "In all areas, Ara consolidated its position in the neighborhoods where it operates and accelerated its expansion with a well-designed offer for the needs of consumers and with the growing recognition of the variety of the own-brand assortment," the report adds.

Finally, the company foresees, by 2022, the opening of 150 new stores to reach a total of 969.


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