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Denmark: Aldi gained tailwind during the corona crisis after years of deficit

Discount retail chain Aldi Denmark (privately owned) has benefited from the corona crisis. While large parts of the Danish business community have struggled to stay afloat during the corona crisis, the story is different in the grocery sector. It also benefits one of the world's largest discount chains. Thus, the Danish branch of Aldi, despite several years with a deficit of millions, experienced record sales during the crisis, writes Finans.

"There is no doubt that the pandemic has also helped to create a focus on the supply chains for grocery sales both here and in Europe. This in periods of challenges related to logistics and the safety of staff. Fortunately, very few of our employees have been affected by corona, despite the fact that we have been open all along. At the same time, everyone has been able to tackle the unpredictability, which has been largely constant over the past ten months," says CEO of Aldi Denmark, Finn Tang, to Finans.

Aldi has 184 stores in Denmark, but has had a total loss of DKK 2.4 billion (US$ 3Bn) over the past ten financial years. But now Finn Tang reports figures for 2020 that exceed both his own budget and the top and bottom line significantly from 2019.

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