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UK: Aldi is introducing flat bottle wine

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK has launched the UK's first wine in flat PET bottles. The product is offered under the Chapter & Verse private label. With the new bottles, it has become possible to optimize the space in the store and in the warehouse.

The new flat bottles are made from 100% recycled raw materials. Even though a single bottle weighs just 63g, which is seven times lighter than a standard glass bottle, Aldi claims that it is also seven times stronger yet unbreakable.

The packaging was developed by Aldi together with Packamama. For the time being, the bottle will be used in two private label products, Chapter & Verse Shiraz and Chapter & Verse Chardonnay. Available in the supermarket, Chassaux et Fils Mediterranee Rose will also be available in a recycled PET bottle.

The compact design of the innovative bottle is to optimize storage space. Thanks to it, it will be possible to load 30% more bottles onto pallets and transport them at one time.

"We know that customers are looking for greener and more sustainable products. Our goal is to deliver them, while guaranteeing additional value and improved functionality. We are delighted to take the next step in expanding our range of environmentally friendly, recyclable products," comments Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Procurement at Aldi UK, in

In addition to introducing new plastic bottles, Aldi is also reducing the average bottle weight of all wines in its range by 8%. This process is expected to be completed by 2025.

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