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Denmark: Aldi is the cheapest according to the Danish consumers

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Denmark (German family owned) got the first place, followed by German discounter Lidl in second place. A survey among Danish consumers shows that most consumers consider the two German discount chains to be cheap places to buy. One thing is the reality and the real price. Something else is what consumers think. Now the daily newspaper BT in collaboration with the research institute YouGov has asked the Danish consumers which supermarket they consider to be a cheap place to shop. In the survey, only one per cent believe that Meny, Irma and Kvickly are cheap. 71 pct. believes that Aldi is cheap. Aldi will of course be happy.

'Cheap' is a message that Aldi has pumped out to the Danes for many years. So it is of course a victory for them that they have succeeded in building that position, says Mogens Bjerre, associate professor at Copenhagen Business School.

After Aldi and Lidl come Rema 1000, Netto, Fakta and Coop 365. While 51 per cent. says Fakta, only 45 per cent believe that Coop 365 is cheap. This despite the fact that the latter just focuses on being cheaper than its sister chain.

One reason, however, may be that there are still only approx. 50 Coop 365 stores.

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