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Denmark: Discount chain beats expensive competitors

Here are Denmark's best supermarket bakers: Discount chain beats expensive grocery competitors.

It happens about once a week that Fie Sørensen from Viborg makes his way past one of the supermarkets' bakery departments and buys a ready-baked bun, a foccacia bread or maybe even a few warm sausage horns.

"It makes everyday life a little easier," says 21-year-old Fie Sørensen from Viborg and elaborates:

»I usually shop at discounter Lidl, because they have the widest selection, and their bakeoff just tastes best. I also shop in discounter Netto and discounter Rema 1000, for example, but their bakery departments are not as good at all. "

Fie is in several ways on wavelength with a fairly large proportion of Danes.

21-year-old Fie Sørensen is happy to be able to get baked bread at friendly prices.

The supermarkets 'freshly baked goods are so popular that almost four out of ten Danes, like Fie, shop in the supermarkets' bakery departments at least once a week.

As many as 54 percent answer that they shop for baked goods in the supermarket at least every 14 days, a YouGov survey for B.T.

That's the one. The second is the question of Fie's favorite supermarket baker. has checked the customer satisfaction at the bakery departments of the various supermarket chains.

With YouGov's help, we have asked the customers who have bought baked goods in the various supermarkets within the last two months to assess the chains' departments on three parameters: Quality, selection and the customers' general impression of the bakery department.

And at the top, Lidl ends up with the best overall score.

It achieves the German discount retail giant via a second place in 'general impression', a second place in 'selection' and a clear first place in 'quality'.

Lidl's bread department ends up as the top scorer. Lidl's bread department ends up as the top scorer. "That Lidl is at the top does not surprise me," says Bruno Christensen, expert in retail: »The bakery department has been a clear commitment from Lidl for a long time, and they are leaders in several categories of fresh food throughout Europe. Although it is a chain in the cheaper segment, I am not surprised. "

Lidl's victory also means that the discount chain, among other things, comes out of the survey a little better than, for example, SuperBrugsen, which ends right after Lidl, and chains such as Føtex and Bilka.

Common to the three chains is that they unlike Lidl, which serves bakeoff often stand and bake the goods in the store.

This is expressed, for example, by the fact that a cinnamon snail in Bilka, Føtex or SuperBrugsen is twice as expensive as a cinnamon snail from Lidl.

‘There can be no two opinions that the more expensive chains should end up better than Lidl in such a study. Of course, they will not be satisfied with that, "says Bruno Christensen.

And then to the supermarket chains that customers have been hardest on.

At least price does not mean everything. Because even though it is a discount chain that ends up at the top, it is also four discount chains that occupy the bottom four positions.

The heaviest are the results at Fakta and Netto, which occupy the two lowest positions in the overall position.

“It’s certainly not good for any of them, but it’s also about prioritization. They have not prioritized their bakery departments in the same way as Lidl has, and you can read that here," says Bruno Christensen.

Back at Fie Sørensen in Viborg, she is happy that she can get baked goods for a little lower than at the classic bakeries.

‘Walking into Lidl is almost like walking into a bakery. These are always fresh items, and the prices are SU-friendly. I am a student, so it has to be connected financially, "she says.

How the supermarkets are ranked:

1st place - Lidl

2nd place - Kvickly

3rd place - Bilka

4th place - SuperBrugsen

5th place - Føtex

6th place - Aldi

7th place - Rema 1000

8th place - Netto

9th place - Facts


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