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Denmark: Fact stores are transformed into new discount chain Coop 365

Discount Retail Chain Coop 365 Denmark (owned by Coop) will increase the number of discount stores from 70 to 190 by 2022. If you are used to buying your groceries in the local Facts, you may need to get used to new colors and new items in the range, as a large number of stores are being transformed into a new discount chain. That's what grocery group Coop said in a press release. This is the relatively new discount chain Coop 365, which came into being in 2020 and today has 70 locations in the country. Among other things, in Stavtrup, on Langenæs in Aarhus, in Hammel, Langå and Horsens. Most new stores will be Fact Stores, which will be transformed into the new chain, but there will also be 25 brand new stores. It may also happen that other coop's convenience stores, which include Superbrugsen, Dagli' Brugsen and Irma, may be converted to Coop 365. While several things still need to be fully settled in relation to the store transformations during the year, it is clear, among other things, that the Coop 365 will open in Hadsten in February.

The new chain will be in green colors and have about 30 percent more items in the range. Among other things, there will be an increased focus on ecology. According to Kræn Østergård Nielsen, chain director at Coop, the stores are changed because customers make different demands on grocery shopping than in the past. - They will be able to buy all the goods they need, they will have more quality, they will have more order and place much greater demands on climate, sustainability, health and ecology and still at the lowest prices. - That is why we have tested many new elements in recent years, and are now ready for what is our bid for Denmark's green discount chain, he says in a press release.

Although many Fact Stores will be transformed in 2022, by the end of the year there will be around 200 stores nationwide.

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