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Europe: Aldi Nord Group opened its 5,000th store

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Nord Group (privately owned) opened its 5,000th store in Cala Millor, Mallorca. It is the 336th Aldi store in Spain, and has planned 40 new openings for 2021 in Spain. In Poland, Aldi will have 200 stores by the end of the year and this number will increase with each further year.

The first Aldi store in Mallorca was opened in 2015. The new, 5,000th store of the Aldi Nord Group is also the 9th store of the chain on the island. In accordance with the standard building requirement guidelines of the Aldi Nord Group, it has been equipped with the latest pro-ecological solutions, including LED lighting and CO2 cooling systems. In the store's car park, customers will find a charging station for electric vehicles.

"We want to strengthen our presence in regions that are strategic for us and reach areas where we are not yet present. The development of the network in all countries of the group follows our mission. Aldi offers consumers the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices," says Valentin Lumbreras, president of Aldi Supermercados S.L.

Although the development of the Aldi Nord chain takes place mainly in an organic manner, the Group companies are also systematically examining the potential that may result from acquisitions. The largest acquisition so far in the Group's history was the acquisition by Aldi France of 549 stores and 3 warehouses of the Casino Group in 2020.

Aldi currently has 169 stores in Poland. This year, the discount retail chain plans to open 45 new stores and invest in green energy. By the end of 2021, the chain's stores will be available in most voivodeships in Poland.

"We consistently focus on the development of the store network in Poland and despite the pandemic, we are not slowing down. In the second half of April, we are opening the 170th store and we are waiting for the opening of the 200th store this year. Our expansion, as well as the opening of the 5,000th store of the entire Aldi Nord Group, is carried out in accordance with plans to increase brand recognition and reach a wider group of customers for whom Aldi will become a store for everyday and favorite purchases", says Tomasz Gawlik, Director of the Real Estate Area and expansion of the Aldi chain in Poland.

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