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Europe: How do discounters coop with COVID19

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Discount Retail Chains in Europe all act different adapting its operations and global strategy since the start of the pandemic.

How are the two discount market leaders handling it?

Source: Aldi Nord

Creating a safer in-store environment Most discount retailers, including Lidl and Aldi as discount market leaders, have had to adapt their stores to the new social distancing measures, and create safer environments for employees and shoppers. Across Europe, Australia, China and the US most of Aldi Nord and Süd's 11,500 stores and Lidl’s 11,200 stores have been equipped with plexiglass shields on the checkouts. Safety equipment (face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer) was also provided to all employees.

Source: Aldi Süd

In several countries including Germany (for Aldi Süd), France and Switzerland, automated traffic light systems have been implemented at the entrances of stores to control the customer flow. In the US, Lidl was the first retailer to announce it will install hospital grade air filters at all its stores. More self-checkouts are also being implemented, especially in newly opened stores, which will help to reduce waiting times and congestion in the checkout area.

Source: Lidl

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