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Finland: Lidl continued to grow in the corona year, aiming for carbon neutrality next year

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Discount Retail Chain Lidl's (owned by the German Schwarz Group) net sales increased by 6.1 percent during the financial year to EUR 1,784 million (US$2.1Bn).

Lidl made an operating profit of EUR 78.7 million (US$ 95Mn) and its gross investments during the financial year were EUR 54 million (US$ 65Mn).

According to Sami Pyykönen, Lidl's Administrative Director, the chain's increased turnover is a result of the chain's investment in the customer experience. During the financial year, Lidl says that it has reduced the prices of its products and renovated its stores.

“The effects of the home year of the Crown Year are also visible. We have been more likely to buy food and buy more, ”Pyykönen says in the company's press release.

During the financial year, Lidl also opened seven new stores. During the financial year ended, Lidl says that it employed an average of 5,487 people, which is 283 more than in the previous year.

In connection with its financial statements, Lidl also published a sustainability report, which summarizes the results of the company's sustainability work for two financial years. According to Lidl, the report highlights climate actions such as the circular economy, low food waste and the reduction of plastic from packaging.

Lidl also says that it will strive for carbon neutrality in its own operations next year.

The company defines the emissions of its own operations as its direct greenhouse gas emissions, such as emissions from the use of refrigerants and cars, as well as emissions from purchased energy.


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