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France: B&M discount store replaces Babou

The French discount retail Babou brand is now replaced by discount variety retail chain B&M, an English brand specializing in the distribution of home and personal equipment products at discount prices. Located in the commercial area of ​​Coignières, the store opened its doors on Wednesday 23 June.

An area of ​​2,890 m²

Throughout the 2,890 m², you can find food products (except fresh), textiles, decorative objects, furniture, toys… “It's a big, very nice, big and clean“ bazaar ”. », Testifies Chloé, who came especially for the opening.

“Right from the start, we have a corridor of good deals, renewed every four weeks and then moving forward, a seasonal space. Then the visitor can find whatever he needs. We even have something new, a section of solidarity concept with a few products where the dates have passed, ”explains Stéphane Saron, director of the B&M network.

The brand has stores in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and France. “Following the takeover of the Babou group, B&M continues its transformation in France. We are planning two store openings per week until the beginning of October,” reveals the director of the B&M chain.

“We transformed the store in nine days. We worked day and night. It's a performance! Our customers were waiting for it", testify Séverine and Jérôme Gullung, the managers who joined the Babou group in 2010.

"Affordable prices"

In the aisles, the baskets are filling up. "I think it's good value for the money. For example, I bought a 750 ml dish soap for 1.49 euro (US$1.8). Wipes for children at 0.99 € (US$1.2) and juices for my son at 2.99 € (US$3.6)”, details Sarah, from Maurepas. A little further on, a customer falls for a wicker basket at € 3 (US$3.6). In the furniture department, Aurélie is looking at a desk displayed at € 39.99 (US$48). "These are affordable prices", testifies this resident of Coignières.

“Labels and prices are displayed on the shelves. We cultivate this concept of "pricing", there is a real dramatization. This is very important for the customer journey ", explains the network manager.

A "100% winning" game for the opening

The B&M store in Coignières is located in a commercial area with many furniture, decoration and household appliances brands. However, the brand is not afraid of competition. “B&M brings together around thirty own brands, with quality products. They are not the same suppliers. Unlike other brands, we have the particularity of offering textiles for women, men and children,” emphasizes Stéphane Saron.

For the opening, B&M is offering a "100% winning" game to its visitors for four days. A free raffle is offered to win prizes instantly. Three of the participants will also be drawn to win three prizes.

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