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France: B&M put on recoverable pallets

Discount Retail Chain B & M France (previously Babou) has reorganized its Supply Chain based on CHEP, adopting a system of sharing and reuse blue pallets.

Exit lost pallets! After having been forced to store lost pallets in its warehouses for nearly three months, in the heart of pandemic, the decision was taken to pass on the recoverable pallet system.

The distributor has, at the same time, reorganized its transport flow by adopting the RECOVERY manager (origin distribution) controlled by CHEP, in order to continue the optimization of its transport flows. Since August 2020, the collaboration has been launched and concerns 240,000 blue pallets 80x120cm. B & M was already CHEP customer besides.

Less empty returns

From the distributor platforms, CHEP delivered about 9 trucks per week on the two warehouses of B & M, located in Cournon d'Auvergne. From now on, after coming out the points of sale, empty trucks managed by B & M will load the empty Chep pallets on the platforms of the distributors to bring them back to the B & M warehouses. CHEP will ensure the recovery of pallets on the points of sale before returning them to its service centers, where they will be inspected, sorted, repaired.

The extension of this RECOVERY Manager (Original Distribution) system will allow a significant drop of empty kilometer, and therefore CO2 emissions but also the transport budget. With 105 stores in France and more than 1,000 in Europe, B & M offers its customers a wide referencing of products. After only one year of collaboration, the distributor has already reduced its CO2 emissions by nearly 34 tonnes, spared 300 trees and avoided 25 tons of waste.

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