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France: Lidl Sees The Strongest growth in run up to Christmas

Discount Retail Chain Lidl (owned by the German Schwarz Group) outperformed the rest of the French grocery market in the run up to Christmas, with rival Aldi also putting in a strong performance, the latest data from Kantar has shown. According to Kantar data for the P13 period (29 November to 26 December), Lidl posted growth of 0.6% points, taking its market share to 6.9%. The discounter attracted 450,000 additional households in the period, while also continuing to build customer loyalty, Kantar said. Aldi, which reported a 0.4% point increase to 2.7% market share, recruited some 900,000 additional households, many of which were former Leader Price shoppers.

Strong Christmas Performance

Other strong performers included E. Leclerc, the market leader in France, which saw its market share rise 0.3% points to 22.9% in P13, boosting both its shopper numbers and consumer loyalty. Carrefour gained 0.2% points to sit on 20.2% market share, with its Carrefour Market (+0.1% points) and Carrefour Proximity (+0.1% points) businesses driving this growth. Elsewhere, Groupement U reported a 0.2% point gain, to 11.3% in the period, while Les Mousquetaires saw its market share rise 0.1% points, to 15.2% market share. Overall, French households spent 1.3% less in supermarkets in the run up to Christmas 2021, year-on-year, however the level of spend was up 2.8% on the corresponding period in 2019, prior to the pandemic. The convenience and online channels both grew by 0.2% points each during the period, while there was a significant increase in home delivery (+25% in value terms), Kantar said.

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