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France: Lidl to re-list its famous sneakers

Discount Retail Chain Lidl France (owned by the German Schwarz Group) is releasing its sneakers on January 2 with always the same recipe: a very limited number of copies at an unbeatable price (12.99 euros).

Lidl sneakers are making a comeback. Sold for the first time in the summer of 2020, these products were torn off in stores with out of stock in just a few hours. On January 2, the sneakers will return to the shelves, still sold for 12.99 euros (US$15.6) per pair. The collection will also feature two leggings and tracksuit sets.

The German distributor is once again relying on a proven recipe: selling products in its own colors (yellow, blue and red), at unbeatable prices and above all, in very limited quantities to create desirability.

Pool sliders, socks, beach towel, t-shirt ... Lidl has perfect control over its marketing strategy. A few weeks ago, the German brand unveiled Christmas sweaters, taking the aesthetic of the "ugly" American Christmas sweater, sold for 9.99 euros (US$12).

Just a few hours after they were put on the shelves, they were already sold for three to four times the price on the internet. According to Le Bon Coin, Lidl Christmas sweaters were the fourth most wanted product on the platform last week, for an average price of 30 euros.

But the sweaters did not break the record for sneakers in Lidl's colors. In 2020, an auction on eBay had reached 465 euros (US$558), almost 35 times their original price, recalls the Huffington Post.

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