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France: Milestone for Aldi France

Discount Retail Chain ALDI France (German family owned) draws a positive balance: since the beginning of this year, the discount retailer in France has integrated around 500 stores and three central warehouses of the Casino Group into its sales network. More than 5,000 employees were integrated into the teams. With this, ALDI France is significantly expanding its market position and is continuing its dynamic growth path. In a remarkably short time since the project started in January, ALDI France has implemented the most comprehensive integration process in the company's history to date. The teams needed around four weeks for the complete renovation of each branch; The central warehouse was reopened within just four months.

The integration was accompanied by a training program lasting several weeks for the new employees. With them, the total workforce of the discount retailer in France has grown to more than 15,000 employees. The fact that this integration process, as well as the conversion of stores and central warehouses, could be carried out smoothly in just a few months is evidence of ALDI France's strength in implementation.

The integration of the stores and central warehouses, which were previously managed under the Leader Price brand, marks an important step in ALDI France's expansion strategy. "Our aim is that all customers can reach an ALDI store anywhere in the country within fifteen minutes. By merging the employees and markets of Leader Price and ALDI, we have reached an important milestone on the way to this goal," says Philip Demeulemeester, who is responsible for the discounter's business in France.

The company continues to expand with the aim of becoming the market leader in the French discount market. "In the coming year we are planning to open more than 100 new sales outlets in order to strengthen our presence as a basic supplier and thus further improve accessibility for customers throughout France," said Philip Demeulemeester. ALDI France is thus sending a positive signal in terms of the long-term growth strategy of the ALDI North Group.

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