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Germany: Aldi attracts cheap masks and disinfectants

Face masks and disinfectants are once again in great demand with consumers. After discount retail chain Lidl has already put a decent bargain in the non-food in&out discount baskets with designer brands, discounter primus discount retail chain Aldi Süd is now following.

Discounter Aldi is responding to the currently increased demand for face masks and disinfectants. Now customers can also buy masks with Christmas motifs in a pack of two for 2.99 euros (US$ 3.53).

If you are not in the festive mood yet, you can get simple, colored mouth and nose masks for 5.99 euros (US$7.10). The special offer is supplemented with inexpensive disinfectant wipes. Aldi sells a pack of 20 from manufacturer MediKills for 99 cents (US$1.17). Customers pay 3.99 euros (US$4.70) for the box with 150 wipes. For comparison: branded products from Dr. Beckmann or Sagrotan are on average up to 1 euro (US$1.18) more expensive.

Recently Lidl also attracted shoppers into its stores with a special in&out offer. The discounter sold designer masks made by Jette Joop. Lidl only charged 4.84 euros (US$5.72) for the 2-pack. Lidl tested the campaign for the first time at the end of August and has now repeated it at the end of October, apparently because of the positive response.

Masks are particularly popular

In view of the tightened lockdown rules, more and more people are wearing a face mask, even outdoors. This creates an excessive demand.

For the first time, the discounters added masks and hygiene articles to their range in the middle of the first lockdown phase. In a Munich store, the products were sold out within minutes.

Demand is increasing at Aldi, Lidl and Co.

Apparently the demand for detergents and disinfectants has also increased sharply in the last few weeks.

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