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Germany: Aldi Nord launches first fashion collection

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Nord (privately owned) sales its first own fashion collection. The discounter is promoting its collection under the name "Aldi Original" with an extensive social media campaign, primarily on Instagram.

The limited collection is not available in stores. Your parts can only be purchased on various Aldi Nord's social media channels. In addition, the collection will be exhibited in a pop-up exhibition in Berlin. Before there will be an "Influencer Opening Event" in the Warehouse Neuzeit Ost in Modersohnstrasse 49A. The exhibition, which is subject to strict security requirements due to the corona situation, is accompanied by an out-of-home campaign.

The style of the collection is reminiscent of the design of the iconic blue and white striped Aldi-Nord bag: there are hoodies, tracksuits, T-shirts, socks and even swimsuits. And of course the well-known bathing shoes ("ALDIlettes"). The collection comprises a total of eight pieces.

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