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Germany: "ALDImat": Aldi tests vending machines

Discount Retail Chain Aldi is introducing the trendy Japanese vending culture at its discount stores, with an Aldi vending machine.

While supermarkets like Edeka and Rewe often open their stores until late in the evening, the situation at the discounter Aldi is different. This usually ends much earlier.

But Aldi Süd also obviously wants to win over customers who still need some groceries late at night - using a method that was previously unusual for the discounter.

The discounter has now set up a 24-hour machine outside its store in Haßloch, as Aldi recently announced via Instagram advertising. The discounter calls the project "ALDImat".

Those who can no longer make it to the store in time in the evening or are already hungry in the morning before it even opens, can now use the ALDImat at least in Haßloch. The vending machine is filled with a very limited selection for emergencies.

As reported by the “heidelberg24” portal, there are between 25 and 40 Aldi products that you can buy there. Above all, customers should get things for breakfast or the grill party at the machine and at the same prices as in the store.

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