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Germany: Discounter Private Label brands win again

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

In the October edition of German independent and highly respected test magazine 'Stiftung Warentest', three own Private Label brand products from Lidl. The "W5" dishwasher tabs Multipower All in 1, which have since been renamed "Multi-Active All in 1", scored 2.1 ("good") and scored particularly well in the "cleaning" and "rinse" categories. At just 7 euro cents (US$0.08) each, the tabs are among the cheapest products in the test. Two children's dessert products from Lidl also impressed the testers: the "Milbona Fruit King Safari" received an overall rating of 2.2 ("good"), the "Milbona Safari Vanilla Pudding" received an overall rating of 2.4 ("good"). Both children's dessert products received a "very good" for their microbiological quality and were also among the cheapest items in the test.

Lidl impressed further with top marks for its own Private Label brand products in the October edition of the other German independent and highly respected sustainability-oriented test magazine Ökotest: The "Crownfield oatmeal tender" received the mark "very good" and with only 47 euro cents (US$ 0.55) per 500 grams are among the cheapest items. The Gentle Cleansing Milk from Lidl's own Private Label brand "Cien" achieved the same top result, also with an excellent price-performance ratio at a price of 1 euro (US $1.17) per 200 milliliters. Both of the products test scored top points for their ingredients, among other criteria.

The current test shows once again that Discount Retail Chain shoppers can rely on consistently high Private Label brand quality at the usual low prices.

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