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Germany: Lidl and Kaufland grow at a stable level

Updated: May 26

Discount Retail Chain Lidl's owner, the German Schwarz Group, have successfully completed the 2022 financial year and, with over 575,000 employees across all business units, generated sales of 154.1 billion euros (sales increase: 15.4 percent).

Despite inflation and higher interest rates, the companies of the Schwarz Group thus achieved stable annual financial statements. Cost increases for merchandise, raw materials, energy and transport were partially offset by efficient process management and were not passed on to customers in full. Furthermore, it was possible to win new customers through high availability of goods, attractive prices and innovative product range design. The number of stores increased by 400 to around 13,700.

At Lidl and Kaufland are ringing the cash registers....

Supermarket Kaufland achieved an increase in store sales of 16.1 percent to 31.8 billion euros, including the integrated real stores, while discounter Lidl increased sales by 13.8 percent to 114.8 billion euros. Total online sales amounted to 1.9 billion euros, up 0.2 billion euros (8.5 percent) year-on-year.

The environmental business division PreZero increased its sales 1.7 billion euros (84.7 percent) year-on-year to 3.9 billion euros, partly due to the acquisitions made in this financial year. The manufacturing companies of the Schwarz Group, "Schwarz Produktion GmbH", delivered private label foods items worth around 3.4 billion euros to Lidl and Kaufland at internal transfer prices. This corresponds to an increase of 29.7 percent compared to the previous year. This also includes the sales of the pasta factory acquired in October 2022 and the newly built digital coffee factory.

Schwarz Group: Investments of around 8 billion euros

With investments of around 8 billion euros, the brick-and-mortar business was strengthened and strategic projects and digital business areas were driven forward. This included, among other things, the expansion of Schwarz production. The main focus of activities was on securing supply chains as well as expanding and modernizing branches. In addition, investments in digital infrastructure and IT security have further developed key innovation drivers.

The balance sheet date is February 28, 2023. The aggregated total turnover includes all sales under commercial law.

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