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Germany: Netto is climate neutral

Discount Retail Chain Netto (owned by Danish Salling Group) is now taking the next step, after joining the Alliance for Development and Climate Foundation last year, and has been climate-neutral since the beginning of 2021, which means a special position in discount. On the one hand, greenhouse gas emissions were avoided or reduced wherever possible through a variety of measures.

The remaining emissions are recorded and offset. In this way, Netto makes an important contribution to climate protection in Germany and to stopping global warming.

"Netto has been intensifying its efforts in the area of ​​sustainability for some time now. It is therefore only logical for us to take the decisive step now and orient our company towards climate neutrality." says Netto CEO Ingo Panknin.

Netto achieved a significant reduction in CO2 emissions through numerous measures: the extensive use of Euro Pool reusable boxes for fruit and vegetables, extensive use of trucks with liquefied gas (LNG) or the support of flowering meadows for more insects and colorful flowers are here mentioned as an example.

The sustainability commitment of Netto is of course also evident in the product range: More than 400 items are supplied by regional suppliers, which means that 20% of Netto products are manufactured in the federal states in which they are also sold. Thanks to the short delivery routes, we not only save CO2 emissions, but also strengthen the local economy.

Many products in the Netto range have also been awarded sustainability seals such as Fairtrade, UTZ, MSC, FSC for wood and paper products, the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval for sustainable agriculture or the European organic seal. In addition, the plastic reduction strategy for Netto private labels and our fruit and vegetable articles is being pushed forward.

In addition, Netto of course pays attention to the use of sustainable materials. For example, wood and paper from sustainable sources are used in the interior design of the branches or in the printing of advertising brochures. In addition, more than 80% of Netto markets donate food that is no longer salable but flawless to local organizations such as the food banks.

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