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Germany: Netto wants to invest 100 million euros in heat pumps and photovoltaics

Discount Retail Chain Netto Deutschland (owned by the danish Salling Group) has announced that it will invest almost 100 million euros (US$ 110 Mn) in sustainability and at the same time want to make itself less dependent on Russian gas and rising energy prices. In the next three years, the supermarket chain belonging to the Danish Salling Group will remove the gas heaters in the almost 300 stores in Germany and replace them with heat pumps. In addition, new climate-neutral refrigerated shelves and doors for refrigeration and freezer systems are to be installed in the Netto stores throughout Germany. After that, the plan is to equip the roofs of more than a hundred stores and logistics centers with photovoltaic systems.

Regarding the schedule, it said: All initiatives will be implemented as quickly as possible. The replacement of the heaters is expected to be completed in 2024. The conversion of all refrigerated shelves and systems is to be completed by the end of 2026, while the installation of photovoltaic systems on existing buildings is to be implemented gradually by 2028. Further information on the planned photovoltaic systems was not initially available. The investments in sustainability are directly in line with the climate goals of Netto Germany and the Danish parent company. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire group. “In order to achieve our climate goals, we absolutely have to reduce our energy consumption. The current energy situation with rising prices and high dependency on Russia increases the pressure to switch to significantly more energy-efficient solutions in our markets,” explained Ingo Panknin, CEO of Netto Germany and member of the Executive Board of the Salling Group. The extensive investments led to immediate energy savings and secured the long-term profitability of the company.

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