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Germany: Penny brings "Scan & Go" shopping app to over 100 stores

Discount Retail Chain Penny (owned by REWE Group) introduces as first German discounter a 'Scan & Go' app in 100 of its 2,150 German stores.

The principle remains the same: anyone who has downloaded the app can use it without registration by using a QR code.

In the "shopping cart", the scanned products remain visible at all times. Via the "Pay Now" button, a QR code is finally generated, which has to be scanned at the Scan & Go checkout. Payments are then made exclusively at the classic card terminal.

The main arguments for use are clear and straightforward:

  • Pay faster

  • Pack immediately

Penny confirms customers can store their products in their shopping bags right after scanning them on the shelf. Besides, it also relieves the Penny store employees. They will now have more time for customers, ordering new goods and/or tidying up the store and shelves.

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