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Germany: The personnel policy of the Schwarz Gruppe

The Schwarz Gruppe (owner of discount retail chain Lidl and supermarket chain Kaufland) is considered a young and dynamic company. As everywhere else, the personnel policy is of course being followed with tension. The management wants mixed teams. Preferably with people with different experiences, professions and ways of thinking. Diversity and equal opportunities are the order of the day. Whereby theory and practice sometimes diverge widely. Because 67.9% of employees without a management position are women. If you look at the numbers in management, it is still 40.7% in middle management. In contrast, only 18% in higher management. And at the top level, only 12.3% are women.

Personnel policy calls for job rotation and sustainability

An exciting approach to the Schwarz Group's personnel policy is the rotating job system. In order to qualify employees holistically, they should take on specialist or management responsibility in another area. The Kaufland, Lidl, Schwarz-Services and GreenCycle divisions are also involved in this idea. An exciting challenge. The aim is to offer employees a job with many opportunities. The employees should develop a close bond with the company over the long term. The company values ​​health. In addition, on the well-being and also individual opportunities for further development. What is irritating, however, is why the numbers on employees look completely different.

The bare numbers of the desired personnel policy

At the present time, 458,355 employees work for the entire Schwarz Group. Last year alone, 107,848 left the company. On the other hand, there are 122,109 new employees. The fluctuation rate is an impressive 24.2%. A deliberate personnel policy? Of the newly hired employees, 65% are under 30 years of age. In contrast, only 4% of employees are over 50 years of age. And as far as the quota of women is concerned, 57.3% of new employees are female.

It is known that the turnover rate is quite high throughout the food industry. But why it is so high in the Schwarz Group remains an exciting question. After all, such a high change is also costly and time-consuming.

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