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Hungary: ALDI has been growing steadily

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Hungary continued the grow over the years, and launched significant new investments, creating many new jobs in the Hungarian economy. Aldi South, since 2008 present in Hungary, has 144 stores, employing a total of more than 3,800 people in its stores and logistics. Recently Aldi expanded its IT services company, ALDI International IT Services Kft (AIIS) and moved to a larger building in Pécs, which now provides 160 business and IT solutions for the complete ALDI South Group business and logistics centers.

Aldi Hungary future plans include:

- expanding its AIIS 'service portfolio, introducing new IT and business services, and increasing the number of employees;

- introduction of a new marking system of pictograms next to the price tags to make it easier for consumers to identify each organic and non-organic product. At the same time it constantly expands the number of exempt products to provide the widest possible choice for consumers affected by food intolerance;

- a new 8,800-square-meter cold store warehouse expansion in Biatorbágy expected to be completed this year. The new cold store warehouse will be equipped with a -23° C freezer and a 0° C cold store rooms with nine ramps, allowing its stores to offer 40% more refrigerated products. Giving Aldi's customers even more choice of convenience products;

- continue its cooperation with the Food Bank, currently 99 of its 144 stores (69%) provide food suitable for human consumption to those in need with the help of the aid organization.

- reduce its ecological footprint. Aldi is carbon neutral since 2018, meaning it offsets greenhouse gas emissions from operational activities by supporting climate protection projects. It continues to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly solutions, not only in the use of packaging, protecting water, saving energie and installing e-chargers.

Aldi Hungary will take further steps with its customers for a sustainable future.

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