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Kosovo: Start-up discounter DEPPO

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Discount Retail Chain DEPPO (owned by the Kosovo company Baka Initiatives) opened recently, 50 discount stores at one point in time. DEPPO is the first hard discount chain in Kosovo now present in 11 cities in Kosovo. The head office including a 5,000m2 distribution center and 9 own trucks is based in the capital city of Prishtina. Offering a great mix of 850 branded and Private Label branded SKUs including a regular changing In & Out non-food assortment. After more than a year pre-opening preparations the hard discount start-up started promising and takes a significant market share in this immature market.

DEPPO has big plans expanding in the Balkan region and is meanwhile seen as the price leading grocery retail chain in Kosovo.

The discount concept DEPPO is based on operating with low OPEX costs in e.g. marketing, interior design & decoration, product packaging and advertising of products. The main focus is on product quality, private label assortment, pricing and presentation in the discount stores, offering an assortment at a much lower price than other grocery retailers.

DEPPO aims to facilitate daily shopping for all customer categories. Meeting 80% of the family's basic daily needs. The product categories DEPPO offers are: Food groceries including shilled and frozen, fruits and vegetables, basic home appliances and products and textiles.

At the opening, DEPPO announced that the opening day Prizren store turnover will be donated to the Association "Orphans of the Balkans" and the opening day Prishtina store turnover was donated to the "Autism" Association.

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