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Latvia and Estonia: Lidl's Baltic logistics center completed in Riga, now stores will follow

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Lidl has opened the 51,000-square-meter logistics center, built by Merko Group's Latvian subsidiary, as first step for its market entry in Latvia and Estonia. The logistics centre will serve all the Lidl stores that will be opened the coming years in Estonia and Latvia.

Lidl's Latvian headquarters will also be located in the logistics center.

The construction of the center costed $65 million, construction work began in 2018. In addition to the warehouse building, the logistics center will house office, meeting and recreation rooms.

According to Jakob Josefsson, CEO of Lidl Latvia and Lidl Estonia, the completed logistics center will now be furnished.

The logistics center in Riga employs 150 people.

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