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Serbia: Lidl fresh managers reveal how to quickly and easily choose the best fruits.

Due to the multitude of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances important for the proper functioning of the body and strengthening of immunity, fresh fruits and vegetables are indispensable in all guides to a healthy and balanced diet. Enjoying these fruits can be an ideal combination of taste and health, but only if you know how to choose really fresh fruits.

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Serbia (owned by the German Schwarz Group) pays great attention to the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and specially trained freshness managers are in charge of constantly checking the quality of fruits at the Lidl stores, guaranteeing consumers vitamin fullness and impeccable taste, which you can recognize in green T-shirts in Lidl stores. To make our next purchase easier, they shared with us useful tips that you can find below, because freshness is loved.


When choosing fruits, especially bananas, apples, tomatoes and cherries, look for bright and fully colored pieces, without traces of green or white color, unless the fruit naturally has these colors. Color change is an excellent indicator of maturity. When it comes to iceberg lettuce, for example, the main indicator of freshness is a firm head and leaves without dark spots and damage.


Smell is a great indicator of taste, especially when the color is unreliable, as with most melons. Smell the floral fruit (opposite the stalk) and choose only fruits that have a fresh, fruity aroma. Strengthen your senses!


As the fruit ripens, the substance that holds the cells together breaks down and turns into pectin, making the fruit softer the more ripe it is. This means that lightly squeezing the fruit can be an excellent indicator of maturity, and it is especially useful for fruits without a hard or thick rind, such as stone fruits, pears, kiwis and avocados.


As for the fruit, it is hardly good. Fruits that seem heavy are often allowed to ripen completely, so feel the tomatoes and grapefruit and make sure they are heavy.


In addition, Lidl advises that it is better to buy fruits and vegetables more often in smaller quantities, than less often in larger quantities. Carrots, primroses and beets are some of the foods that quickly show signs of spoilage, and you should pay special attention to them when buying.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. What makes Lidl stores a safe choice when it comes to buying fresh food is precisely the quality and proven origin of fruits and vegetables. Lidl fresh managers guarantee this!

About Lidl

Lidl is part of the German Schwarz Gruppe, one of the leading food discount chains in Europe. It operates in 32 countries around the world and has more than 310,000 employees.

Lidl opened its first stores in Serbia in October 2018 and currently has 50 very profitable stores in 32 cities across the country. We have long-term plans with the goal of offering consumers throughout Serbia a unique shopping experience and the best price-quality ratio, by which we are recognized in the world. Based on the certification by the Top Employers Institute for the best employer, Lidl is the holder of the "Top Employer Serbia" and "Top Employer Europe" certificates for 2021.


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