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Poland: Lidl has launched a new store format

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Poland (owned by the German Schwarz Gruppe) has launched the first outlet format store where products other than food can be bought at huge discounts. Lidl's outlet store was established in Opole. Biedronka has been running stores in this format for several years. Also in some Carrefour hypermarkets outlet zones were created.

"In mid-March, we opened an outlet store in Opole. It is a test store and at the same time the first facility of this type," informs Business Insider Polska Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz, head of communications at Lidl Polska.

The Lidl Outlet store was opened at ul. Ozimska 184, where until recently a regular Lidl store was located in the rented building. However, the company decided to build a new, independent store opposite, the new Lidl facility operates at ul. Aleksandra Kazimierskiego 1. It was decided to use the previously rented space in the old building for testing the outlet.

We will not find food in the Lidl outlet store. You can only buy industrial products there, i.e. women's, men's and children's clothing, electronics and household appliances, footwear, home and garden accessories, decorations, furniture. All at prices up to 80%, less than in the traditional offer.

"All articles are fully valuable, they are overstocks and rests of the weekly promotional in&out actions. They are subject to the same rules of purchase and return as in our regular stores," says Robaszkiewicz. It is not known whether more Lidl outlets will be created. The chain currently has over 750 regular stores in Poland.

Biedronka has already outlet store for several years

For several years, Biedronka has started to launch its own outlets stores, initially it ran them under the name Towaroteka, and in 2018 it also started opening stores under the Biedronka Outlet brand. The first one was built in Poznań, but it is no longer operational. At present, Towaroteka has 19 stores in 18 cities, incl. in Gdańsk, Bolesławiec, Łomża, Mielec and Lublin.

"Customers appreciate the possibility of purchasing industrial products at reduced prices, which is why we have been offering them these products for several years not only in our regular stores, but also in Towaroteki," tells Karol Leszczyński, operational director at Jeronimo Martins Polska. The Biedronka chain (owned by the Portuguese Jeronimo Martins) currently has over 3.100 discount stores in Poland.


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