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Netherlands: Lidl reveals secret behind good fruit and vegetable offer

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Netherlands (owned by the German Schwarz Group) has once again been awarded as the best supermarket in fruit and vegetables by GfK. It is the tenth time that the discounter has won the most coveted cup. The secret behind Lidl's success is explained in a new 360 degree campaign that will start.

Lidl highest share in fresh

In addition to the number 1 position in fruit and vegetables, Lidl also has the largest fair share in the total fresh category, which also includes fresh bread and meat. However, the fruit and vegetable award is traditionally the most popular in supermarkets, simply because this product group is consumed by consumers day in and day out. But also because it is not so easy to acquire a strong position in this area. With a brand new campaign, Lidl is explaining how it manages to prolong this top position year after year.

The campaign

Jorieke de Vries-Goosen, Head of Marketing Lidl: 'Everyone now knows that Lidl is the number 1 in fruit and vegetables. But if you ask someone why that is, the answer often remains unclear. That is why in this campaign we explain how it is that we are always allowed to receive that cup. With our way of working, we can get our fruit and vegetables into the shops faster, fresher and therefore cheaper. That's where the success lies behind our formula.' The campaign can be seen and heard on TV, radio, online, print and social channels. The commercial was developed in collaboration with Joe Public.'

10 years is no coincidence'

It is no coincidence that Lidl has been the best for 10 years. There is a complete strategy behind this, a way of working that is anchored throughout the company. Where other supermarkets get their fruit and vegetables from the auction or wholesale, Lidl has intensive collaborations with farmers and growers throughout the Netherlands. Lidl therefore gets everything directly from the farm, without the intervention of third parties. Then there are strict, systematic checks in their distribution center, from where it goes directly to the stores. So it may just be that something that was harvested yesterday is already on the customer's plate today. And no one can imitate Lidl.

Lidl Netherlands 'Lidl is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands with 440 stores and a web shop for non-food. Under the motto 'the highest quality for the lowest price', Lidl offers a wide range of food and non-food items.' (source: Lidl)

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