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Lithuania: Lidl has reduced the prices of its constant range of dairy products

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Lithuania (number 4 retailer in Lithuania) has decided to reduce the prices of dairy products sold in the stores of the retail chain this Monday, thus ensuring an even better price-quality ratio and takes in to account the needs of the consumers. As Lithuanian consumers can not imagine a day without a variety of milk products, which is shown by the results of a survey conducted in July - 95 percent. Lithuanians buy a variety of dairy products at least once a week.

Price is an essential criteria

From August 17. Lidl customers will pay less for Expression curd dessert with fruit, Greek yoghurt, mascarpone and melted cream cheeses, blue cheese Rival cheese and slices of Kaiser cheese.

According to Lidl, a representative survey of the country's population on the consumption of dairy products conducted by Spinter Research in July this year revealed that more than half (57%) of the Lithuanian population buys dairy products 2-3 times a week, another 28%. respondents answered that they buy these foods once a week. 10% of the respondents bought milk products every day.

"The survey also showed that cheese is one of the most popular products in the Lithuanian shopping basket - almost three quarters (72%) of respondents chose it as the most widely used product. Another 56%. population prefers curd, and 54%. yoghurt of the respondents, ”says the head of the Sales Promotion Department of Lidl Lietuva.

Carefully monitors the quality of dairy products

According to him, the research revealed that price is the most important aspect that Lithuanians pay the most attention to when choosing dairy products - two thirds of respondents thought so.

"The fact that the population is very concerned about the price of dairy products does not mean that, in their opinion, the quality of products suffers as a result - as much as 81%. respondents were convinced that these goods can not only be affordable from a financial point of view, but at the same time maintain impeccable quality. We pay special attention to it in our sales network and constantly check whether our suppliers meet all the requirements,” according to Lidl.

That is why in order to ensure the quality and freshness of dairy products, within the supply chain from the producer to the Lidl stores, are kept at an equally cool temperature, and the discount chain's stores are designed so that employees can transport products from the cold room to refrigerated shelves as quickly as possible.

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