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Lithuania: Lidl's most successful year

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Lithuania (Lietuva) was among the most successful retailers in 2019. They not only increased market share, but also its profitability. Last year was one of the most flourishing year for retail chains in Lithuania.

  • Last year, Lidl Lithuania and Norfa Retail managed to grow faster than the overall retail market.

  • Looking at the net profit, the most successful years are presented by Rimi, Norfos mažmena and Lidl Lietuva.

  • If Lidl Lietuva maintains its pace of development, it can also take the third position in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian newspaper Verslo žinios made an overview of the results of the financial reports submitted, the taxes retailers paid to the Lithuanian State and the remuneration paid to their employees.

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