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Lithuania: LP EXPRESS parcel terminals will appear near Lidl stores

Discount Retail Chain Lidl (owned by Schwarz Gruppe) and Lietuvos Paštas announce cooperation installing LP EXPRESS parcel self-service terminals at Lidl stores in Lithuania. It is planned to build terminals near most Lidl stores by the end of the year alone, about 40 of them.

"Self-service parcel terminals are in demand like never before. Back in the spring, we started the active development of the terminal network, the main goal of which is to make it as convenient and simple as possible for everyone who wants to send or receive parcels. We place at supermarkets because they are convenient and frequently visited places for customers. Cooperation with Lidl is exclusive, shoppers will no longer have to think about where to find the LP EXPRESS terminal, it will always be close to the Lidl store. In addition, we will be the first network of parcel terminals that will allow you to conveniently send and receive near these stores,” says Norbertas Žioba, Head of the Marketing and Sales Department of Lietuvos paštas.

Installation of LP EXPRESS terminals at Lidl stores just started. The terminals can already be found near stores in Klaipėda (Smiltelės St.), Šilutė, Telšiai, Mažeikiai, Šiauliai (Pramonės St.), near most Lidl stores in Kaunas. Two terminals are being completed in Vilnius, near the shops located at S. Nėries and Dūkštų st. "We take into account the wishes of our shoppers and are happy to offer them more and more convenient solutions. Shoppers will soon be able to find postal terminals at our stores. They will be gradually installed in all Lidl chain stores, so the number of terminals will grow with our expansion. In the future, we plan to offer more convenient solutions that will allow Lidl shoppers to implement as many needs as possible in one place,” says Marius Kybartas, Head of the Central Service of Lidl Lietuva, Member of the Board.

This step is part of the planned development of the terminal network by Lietuvos Paštas. By the end of the year, there will be 285 parcel terminals in the LP EXPRESS parcel self-service network. A total of 115 new terminals will be installed per year, as well as existing terminals will be expanded - additional columns will be added. In total, Lithuanian Post's investments in the development of the parcel terminal network will reach LTL 4 million (US$1.35mio). Following the implementation of the development plans, LP EXPRESS will be the network with the largest number of mailboxes, their total number will reach more than 40,000. This means that customers will be able to send and receive the most shipments through these terminals.

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