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Netherlands: Aldi cuts 100 items

The discount chain says it will take "some time" to remove the selected slow-movong items from the shelves. By reducing the range, Aldi hopes to bring more simplicity to the supermarket. "There's a bit of a proliferation of names and brands now."

The image as a discounter also plays a role in reducing the supply. "We want to send a signal to our customers that we are looking for a way to increase efficiency." Aldi also reports that it can reduce costs with this. "By having fewer brand names, we can merge the underlying production. As a discounter, not uninteresting for the final price."

Although 100 names are disappearing from the stores, the company emphasizes that the offer remains the same. "Offering private labels is our core business."

It is not yet clear whether the brands will also disappear from supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Source: retail trends

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