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Netherlands: Aldi focuses on wine with a wine special

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Netherlands (privately owned) has published a wine special, the discounter is promoting 25 award-winning wines for less than € 5 (US$6).

The wines that Aldi promotes are 'Good Tested' in the respected Dutch wine expert 'Grote Hamersma' book or in the book 'The tastiest omfietswijnen 2020' by Dutch wine writer Nicolaas Klei.

Magister vini

Aldi introduces magister vini Dirk Vanhorenbeeck and category wine buyer at Aldi Netherlands in the wine special. 'Wine. What do you have to pay attention to? The taste, the smell, that color? Aldi has been selling high quality wine for years and has one of the largest fair shares in this category. Thanks to Aldi's test team led by Dirk Vanhorenbeeck, the goal is keep this position. And the price? It remains low.

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