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Poland: 133 Biedronki with a meat counter, these stores are seen as luxurious

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Biedronka has 133 stores with a traditional meat counter. Most of these stores, 12, operate in Warsaw.

The fresh meat counter sells brands of well-known producers, but Biedronka does not exclude that meat products may be Private Label manufactured in the future.

Polish consumers are still not convinced in packed meat, which is perceived as lower quality than that on the counter. They imagine that the meat that is on the counter is more fresh, although it is the same product that lie on the packed-meat shelf. The Polish consumer also attach great importance to the quality of meat and sausages and wants to choose the most best pieces.

Despite vegetarian trends, meat is the basis of Poles' diet, in particular dinner dishes.

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