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Poland: Aldi introduces a new Private Label brand for fruit and vegetables

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Discount Retail Chain ALDI Poland has introduced a new private label brand 'ŚwieżeJesz' (Freshfood). The new brand will be used for fruit and vegetables, more than half of Aldi's assortment are products from Polish farmers and fruit growers.

The ŚwieżeJesz brand is a new approach of ALDI to promote its fruit and vegetables. The brand will ultimately cover all packaged fruit and vegetables as well as selected products sold per piece. Already now the brand ŚwieżeJesz can be found, among products such as: American blueberry, raspberries, mushrooms, cut celery, parsley and oyster mushrooms. For the brand, a special labels, wrappers and hangers were developed, some of which refer to the shape of the product.

Apart from the logo of the ŚwieżeJesz brand, the new markings contain: EAN code or PLU code, information about the supplier, lot number and the country of origin of the product. Products of Polish origin are additionally marked with the special symbol 'Polish Product'.

ALDI focuses on cooperation with domestic suppliers. Of the complete fruit and vegatable assortment , more than half of the products come from Polish farmers and fruit growers. The introduction of the ŚwieżeJesz brand is another step in emphasizing the care for freshness.

Since June 15, Aldi has started the "Fresh with ALDI" marketing campaign, the leitmotif of this campaign is freshness.

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