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Poland: Biedronka and Lidl have no mercy, hypermarkets are dead

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Large hypermarkets cannot withstand the competition from Discount Retail Chains such as Biedronki and Lidl. First, Real, recently Tesco and now Auchan is cutting its stores. Who will be next - Carrefour and Leclerc?

Auchan Retail Polska has announced that it is closing two more stores, this time in Grudziądz and Lubin. The stores will be closed for customers on September 27 this year.

The stores in Grudziądz and Lubin are store three and four Auchan closes in Poland. At the end of June, Auchan made a historic decision to close the first two stores in Poland in Dąbrowa Górnicza and Mysłowice. Both giant hypermarkets - the first one has a salesplot of ​​almost 15,000 m2, the second almost 20,000m2. - will close on August 30.

Real has moved a pebble, now an avalanche is starting

The first hypermarket chain to operate in Poland was Real (as part of Metro Group), operating since 1995. Do you remember who took over some of the stores from Metro Group when the Real adventure ended in Poland? It was Auchan.

When Tesco announced in mid-June that it was withdrawing from Poland, and a moment later the French decided to close their first two stores, the collapse of more hypermarkets was just a matter of time.

Hypermarkets selling soap and jam, but are often located on the outskirts of cities, have lost their raison d'être, because each hypermarket retail estate has grown up to 20-30 times the size of Discount Retail Chains such as Biedronki and Lidl.

It is expected that this is not the end of cleaning up at Auchan and soon more hypermarkets will be closed, such as Carrefour and Leclerc in Poland.

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