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Poland: Biedronka with a profile on LinkedIn

Discount Retail Chain Biedronka (owned by Portugese Jeronimo Martins) has launched a company profile on LinkedIn. The content published on the profile introduces Biedronka as the largest private employer in Poland.

"We share knowledge, build commitment, do not sell" - these are the main principles on the basis of which, on the Biedronka profile, the discount retail chain will inform about important events to customers and show good practices in the field of social responsibility.

More than 30 million companies from around the world have official company profiles on LinkedIn. The world's largest professional social network, LinkedIn, is used by over 630 million users. Most of the platform users are professionals, including directors and managers, with whom Biedronka will now regularly directly communicate via LinkedIn using photo and video materials. The Biedronki Foundation also has a profile on LinkedIn.

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