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Poland: Lidl encourages Poles to save

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Polska has prepared a campaign "In Lidl, saving has a home". In this way, the discounter reminds customers that shopping at Lidl saves time and money. As part of the campaign, from Monday, August 10 to September 5, or while stocks are exhausted, customers can get ceramic treasures.

Lidl Polska draws attention to the essence of saving, which teaches us a responsible attitude in the long term, allows us to achieve our own goals, and promotes good habits in children and adolescents. At the same time, Lidl reminds that shopping in chain stores is a guarantee of saving not only money, but also time.

From Monday, August 10, in all Lidl Polska stores, you will be able to get a ceramic piggy bank by making purchases 6 times for a minimum amount of about US $11 (PLN 40), with at least one fruit or vegetable product in the basket. Each PLN 40 spent is one sticker, and six stickers can be exchanged at the cash register for a piggy bank. The money boxes are made of ceramics, they are packed in an ecological way - in a paper cover and a cardboard box. This latest Lidl action is aimed at all customers, regardless of age, in the present difficult post-COVID19 time.

The campaign does not include: alcoholic beverages, including beer, tobacco products, medicinal products, infant formulas and items for feeding infants, LIDL gift cards.

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