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Poland: Lidl has a distance to itself, thanks to which it entertains and sells

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Poland (owned by the Schwarz Group) has a lot of fans, because it approaches itself with a distance.

Clothing with a clearly visible brand logo is a hit that has been winning the hearts of fashionistas for some time, and the #LIDLFAN collection is making a sensation. What does the grocery chain have to do to have fans? We asked Wojtek Walczak, strategy director of the Plej agency.

The answer is theoretically very simple, what Lidl currently sells is promoted with distance, humor and respect for the tastes of consumers. In this case, it is impossible not to recall the sentence that "a person watches and reads what interests or amuses him, and sometimes it happens that it is an advertisement", which in the case of Lidl has always been key in building his "fanbase", the expert says.

And he adds: Whether on television, radio or social media, Lidl communication has always had "something", which can be defined as a great distance to itself and the belief that advertising can sell and have fun at the same time. All of this does not happen ad hoc, but is part of a long-term strategy complemented by tactical actions. And with all this, one important thing should not be forgotten, the offer, which goes hand in hand with the advertising promise, that is, it provides the choice and quality that consumers like for both "lidlowe", "crunchy from the oven", "market" and many others that show that this approach works.

Lidl is cool How did Lidl manage to become a "cool" grocer? The consequence and the belief that you can talk about a commercial offer in a creative, fun and self-respecting way. Importantly, Lidl has used and uses for promotion practically every point of contact with consumers in a way that belongs to a given place and time, while remaining strategically very consistent. Lidl has found its place on the Polish market both as a store concept and an advertising concept, and this in the long term pays off with such results, i.e. not only sales, but also having a brand on this competitive market. It always makes a difference, says Wojtek Walczak.

Who could prove themselves today as an ambassador for Lidl? In the case of such cooperation, the key is always the answer to the questions: what goals is such a person to achieve, does he have the appropriate image, popularity and range for this, i.e. the potential for implementation and at the same time whether he has the "fun factor" needed to build a coherent whole, summarizes the director of the Plej agency.

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