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Poland: Netto continues the conversion process: already 50 stores have been opened to replace Tesco

Discount Retail Chain Netto Polska (owned by danish Salling) continues the process of dynamic conversion of stores. 85,500 customers were present at store openings, 23 new cities whose residents can visit stores in the Netto 3.0 format, 3,000 products in a permanent offer, including 1,000 own private label brands, whose products are on the shelves of newly opened stores, these are just some of the numbers describing the ongoing from May this year.

The process of reopening Netto stores in Tesco stores

Netto is an exhibitor of the Shopping Center Forum 2021 CEE Since the approval of the Polish part of Tesco by the Salling Group by UOKiK in March this year, the Danish capital group has been conducting advanced preparations for the conversion of the acquired outlets into modern Netto 3.0 stores. The format, characteristic of Netto stores, is inspired by the Scandinavian style, the main features of which are, among others, functionality, minimalism and a reference to nature. It manifests itself in wide alleys, unique lighting or wooden elements of the decor, which provide buyers with a friendly atmosphere for shopping. Net exceeds the total of 50 stores opened in the conversion process From the end of May, as a result of the conversion, six more Netto stores are opened in Poland every Thursday on Thursday. This process started on May 27, when six stores were opened, including one located at ul. Duńska in Szczecin 400. Netto store in the country. In turn, on Thursday, July 29, Netto opened its stores in Inowrocław, Żarów, Rybnik, Kamionki, Tuszyn and Biskupiec, thus exceeding the total number of 50 stores opened in the conversion process. This is a milestone on the way to the planned opening of over 150 Netto stores by the end of 2021.

'We assess the course of the process of opening new stores with great satisfaction as a success. It should be emphasized that enabling customers to visit our stores in a timely manner in other cities is a joint success of Netto and a number of co-workers, as the transformation of each store requires enormous amounts of work, mobilization and team cooperation. Many subcontractors are involved in the conversion, including so far no less than 20 construction companies, thanks to the efficiency of which we have expanded the Netto retail space by as much as 44,600 sqm within two months.' says Krzysztof Kamiński, operating director of Netto.

The involvement of all participants in the process is invaluable.

'We deserve a huge thank you to all employees, both administrative and operational, serving the Netto stores. Netto celebrates each weekly inauguration together with its customers. Both on the opening day and on the following days, customers can count on special attractions and special promotions, under which prices are lower by up to several dozen percent. One of our competitive advantages is the concept of Netto 3.0, which is synonymous with a modern grocery discount, being close to the customer, offering a wide range of products at affordable prices and an atmosphere not available in other discount stores. After crossing the threshold of each Netto 3.0 store, you can immediately notice that it offers a unique shopping experience', adds Kamiński.

Net in 3.0 format

Netto 3.0 provides a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables (over 150 species), gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free products, as well as BIO certified products. Netto also does not forget about people who choose convenient and quick solutions, the TO GO zone was created with them in mind, where customers will find a wide range of ready meals. A characteristic feature of each Netto is a wide range of products (including many Netto private label products) at attractive prices.

Netto is a discount retail chain which has developed the position of one of the largest retailers in our country over the past 25 years of its presence on the Polish market. The company has about 400 stores in Poland and three distribution warehouses, employs over 5.5 thousand. people. This ownership status gives the retailer the third position on the Polish discount market. The concept of Netto Polska is to be close to your customers. Stores are located near housing estates. The assortment includes the vast majority of products from Polish suppliers. Outside of Poland, the network is present in Denmark and Germany.


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