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Poland: Over 1,200 products from local Polish producers

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Polska's (German family owned) assortment includes over 1,200 products marked with a white and red Polish flag logo, purchased next door from local Polish producers. 'For years we have been buying in the neighborhood, from local farmers. We do it because we know how important it is for customers to find variety and quality on store shelves,' says Przemysław Nowak, director of the category management department at ALDI Polska.

Thanks to cooperation with local suppliers, ALDI stores regularly receive products with certificates such as: Quality and Tradition or Culinary Heritage. The chain cares about clear and accurate marking of the country of origin of the offered products, therefore the labels include: EAN code or PLU code, information about the supplier and the country of origin of the product. Products of Polish origin are additionally marked with a special symbol, Polish Product.

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