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Poland: Pepco Group plans to accelerate the development of the Dealz discount chain in Poland

Discount Variety Retail Chain Pepco Group (owned by Steinhoff International and stock listed), the owner of a chain of multi-branch discount stores, under the Pepco, Dealz and Poundland brands, announced the opening of the 100th Dealz store in Poland and the 150th in continental Europe. The operator announces the acceleration of the development of this chain of stores...

The 100th Dealz store in Poland was opened in Olsztyn after just over three and a half years of the brand's presence in the country.

The rapid expansion of the Dealz chain continued despite the disruptions related to Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Pepco Group plans to further accelerate the expansion of the Dealz chain of stores. The success of Dealz in Poland, as well as in Spain, where 50 stores are already operating, proves the attractiveness of the offer and the effectiveness of the Group's operations, as well as the development opportunities in other countries. Expansion in the neighboring countries of Poland is a clear and close prospect for the Pepco Group.

"The success of the Dealz store format in Poland meant that we kept up the fast pace of launching new stores. We want to accelerate this pace even more next year. The launch of our 100th store in Poland, only three and a half years after the brand debut on this market, is another proof of our belief in the attractiveness of Dealz's offer for its customers and indicates the potential for expansion in other markets. It is also a testament to the talent of the Continental Europe brand management team and our ability to act in all circumstances," - says Sean Cardinaal, Divisional Managing Director Poundland, Dealz and PGS.

Dealz offer is based on unique products of brands known for their high quality, at reduced prices. Customers can choose from goods from the FMCG category, general-purpose goods, toys, gardening and DIY equipment. Dealz benefits from synergies with its sister chain, Poundland, operating in Great Britain. Both networks carry out joint purchases, share best practices, and the increased scale of operations allows them to improve efficiency.

Pepco Group currently operates approximately 3,400 stores under the Pepco, Dealz and Poundland brands in 16 countries. The brand's headquarters is located in Poznań. The company employs approximately 17,000 people in 14 European countries, and has the strongest presence in Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The first 14 Pepco stores were opened in Poland in 2004. In 2013, Pepco expanded its operations to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in 2015-2017 it opened stores in Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia. From 2018, the company opened stores in Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Spain.

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