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Poland: Spar launched private label value-for-money products

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

'At the turn of May and June this year, Spar will introduce our own economic private label brand products 'No.1'. It will be a segment prepared for several European countries as part of our joint purchase, with production mainly carried out by Polish producers. Spar No.1 branded products are products with a good value for money, where quality is not compromised. Premium products are the third segment of the private label range. Therefore, these are high-quality products from Polish producers or imported, not available now in Poland' Tomasz Waligórski, Commercial Director, Spar Poland Board Member and DRC Associate tells the Polish retail news portal:

How are premium products sold in the pandemic?

Premium products are an important element of our offer, but not the dominant one. Customers like to have a wide selection, which is one of our strengths. It is worth emphasizing that one of our assumptions is to offer high-quality products at good prices, hence our assortment always allows our customers to choose from a wide range of products. We see a special interest in high-quality products in terms of fresh products, such as vegetables, fruit, meats, cheese,' he explains. (See more on DRC's Own Private Label development service) He emphasizes that the chain is constantly developing its own brand product offer. 'Currently, there are over 300 different SKUs to choose from in Polish stores, and by the end of the year we plan to introduce a total of about 700 SKUs' he adds.

On the shelves of the Spar Poland stores you can find a wide selection of core products, i.e. the most important private label products, which in terms of quality do not differ from market leaders, and their price is more competitive. Customers can choose from many products, such as: jams, pasta, teas, delicatessen products, frozen foods, silage, household chemicals or cooking accessories. In private label, quality is the most important factor for us and we focus on it. Our priority is products of very good quality and affordable price, he adds.

'We emphasize on every occasion that we pay great attention to the high, repeatable quality of our products. We work mainly with Polish producers who have international quality certificates, it is worth emphasizing that Polish food is very highly rated in Europe. The Spar private label is designed to provide customers with good quality products at a competitive price. On the Polish market, we plan to strengthen the communication of the Spar brand with customers and partners', sums up Tomasz Waligórski.

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