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Research: ALDI fresh produce observatory in Spain

Fresh products continue to be the protagonists of the Spanish shopping cart. During 2020, the year of the pandemic, they experienced higher growth compared to previous years. Mainly, because mobility and social restrictions due to Covid-19 forced consumers to buy more to consume at home, given the lack of alternatives in the hospitality industry.

According to the third edition of the ALDI Fresh Observatory, in 2020, fresh products represented 40% of the annual food expenditure of Spanish households, with a total investment of more than 39 billion euros (Us$ 47billion). In 2020, the number of occasions for consuming fresh products shot up 8.8%, which translated into a 14% increase in the annual budget, reaching € 2,192 (US$2630) on average per household.

Learn about the main conclusions of the report in this video of the presentation event of the III edition of the ALDI Fresh Products Observatory in Spain, from the hand of Ignacio Cid, Director of Research & Analytics at ALDI Spain and Maria Josep Martínez-Abarca, Expert Solutions Director Worldpanel division:

1. Fresh consumption increases in the year of the pandemic

2. Typology of the consumer of fresh in Spain

3. Determining factors in the purchase of frescoes

4. Environmental awareness in the shopping cart

ALDI fresh produce observatory in Spain: 73% of ALDI customers' purchase tickets contain fresh produce

The Fresh Observatory prepared by ALDI reflects that Aldi's customers consume more fresh than the average in Spain. Specifically, 98% of the families that buy at ALDI consume fresh food every week (2% more than last year), compared to 96.4% of the national average.

To date, ALDI has more than 480 fresh products on its shelves.

Fruit and vegetables, with more than 187 items, represent about 40% of ALDI's total fresh produce, followed by charcuterie products, with 121, meat with 92 products, fresh bread with 52, fish with 24 and eggs with 7 varieties in their assortment.

Grouped under El Mercado's own private label brand, the categories of fruits, vegetables, meat and fresh fish and eggs; fresh bread under the El Horno private label brand and charcuterie under La Tabla private label brand, closed 2020 with an increase of 23.7% in sales compared to the previous year. 45% of ALDI's fresh product sales correspond to fruit and vegetables.

By products, fruit and vegetables experienced a growth in penetration of 1.6% compared to the previous year; fresh meat and fish, 2.7% and eggs 1%.


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